7th Yoga & Health Expo 2021

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About Foundation

The International Yoga Festival & Health Expo is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada with the aim to enhance health, happiness, knowledge, and peace in life through a holistic approach to Yogic way of life by including Yoga, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Organic & Environmental awareness in our lifestyle.

Our Vision

Bringing together people from all walks of life and allow them to experience yogic living, providing our communities with an everlasting experience of a holistic approach to yogic life by enhancing health through practicing Yoga and Meditation, adapting Veganism and Vegetarianism, and following Organic and Environmentally-Friendly lifestyle to connect healthy organic eating and natural living within a busy ever-changing world.

Mission & Values

Inspiring and connecting our communities to live creatively and emphasize natural health. We promote a vibrant, organic, environment-friendly and stress-free lifestyle through the practice  of Veganism, Meditation, Yoga , and Vegetarianism.

Team Work

The organization behind the Yoga Festival and Health Expo is extremely committed to introducing yogic living and healthy lifestyle to the masses. The festival focuses on sustainable and cruelty free living with Yoga at its core. We intend to have a festival that is accessible for a beginner to Yoga or one that is looking to advance their yogic knowledge.

Yoga is increasingly becoming a bridge and connecting the entire globe. We envision that the Yoga Festival is a conscious movement to celebrate and strengthen our community through unity by practicing mindful living. Our efforts will create a platform across all communities regardless of religion, caste, race, and geography through the development of self expression and self realization.


The 5th Annual International Yoga Festival and Health Expo includes:


Yoga is one of the most ancient traditions known to humankind and maintains its wide popularity even today. People all over the world continue to incorporate Yoga in their lifestyles by studying, practicing, and teaching it daily.


In the age of information overload, we often lose ourselves amidst the chaos. Clarity is power in today’s hectic world and Yoga teaches our minds to focus our attention in the right direction.


The festival also introduces other wellness activities that help keep people healthy and positive. We believe in natural organic and healthy foods, a yogic modern lifestyle, clean body and mind, and practicing nonviolence and good karma by helping others.

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