7th Virtual Yoga Festival & Health Expo 2021

Thank you all for making 7th Annual Yoga & Health Expo a resounding success!


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Aditya Tawatia

Founder & President

People make society, society makes government and government makes law. We need to ensure that the government makes law following the law of Mother Nature. Once we follow this rule, we would truly start following the Yogic way of life, which consists of no maltreatment or cruelty towards animals, support local farming and organic food which drives us to clean & green environment. It couldn’t be the better opportunity to enlighten the global community, amid COVID-19 situation, about the importance of Yoga, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Organic lifestyle, and Environmental awareness. The epicenter of our lifestyle should not be anyone else but our mother- the earth. We can only sustain, thrive, and survive by following the path of originality and that is an organic lifestyle, by respecting all elements of mother nature, which has no participation in cruelty, abuse, or violence in our lives.


Rachel Beau

Creator & CEO (PARTY STAR) of Rock’n’Beau Entertainment, Rachel is a professional entertainer who has starred in a variety of Events across the country primarily focusing on children’s entertainment.

Entrepreneur and Graduate of the Theatre Performance Conservatory Program at Humber Toronto, Rachel has an extensive background in Dance, Fashion and Musical Theatre. Rachel uses her strengths to boost the moral of children through her high-energy self- confidence building arts Program, POPSTAR ACADEMY as well as hosting interactive dance party shows for private and corporate clientele.

Rachel uses her ability to connect people together in a fun, upbeat and positive space where everyone can be a part of the action, throw all their cares aside and have a rock’n good time!

Underlining credentials include: Emcee Entertainer, Vancouver Canada Day at Canada Place, World Student Day Host Robson Square: Languages Canada, Canadian Family Magazine Dance Host, Air Transat Emcee, Microsoft Event Emcee CO-Owner HAUS Artist Fashion Boutique Toronto and P&O Australia’s Entertainment Host.

Follow Rachel:
Instagram: @Rachel3eau | @rocknbeauparty
Facebook: @rocknbeauparties
Website: www.rocknbeau.com

Marlene Watson-Tara

Marlene is a long-time vegan, activist, lover of animals, nature and life and passionate about human ecology. As an eternal optimist, increasing the number of people worldwide to switch to a wholefood plant-based diet and vegan life is her mission. Together with her husband Bill Tara, they have created The Human Ecology Project.  

As a high profiled and dedicated health counsellor and teacher with over 40 years’ experience in the health industry, Marlene’s dietary advice draws from the fields of Macrobiotic Nutrition, her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her certification in Plant- Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Her clients range from the movies and arts to members of royal families. Her vast experience informs a body of knowledge that she eagerly shares with the world. Her latest book Go Vegan is available world-wide on amazon.

Bill Tara

Bill Tara was the Vice President of Erewhon Trading Company, in the 60’s, one of America’s first national distributors of organic foods, and was a co-founder of Sunwheel Natural Foods in London, England. He has been a health counsellor, teacher, author, entrepreneur and creator of health education centres in Europe and North America for 55 years. His innovative and creative teaching of traditional approaches to health, healing and personal development has taken him to over twenty countries as a seminar leader.  

In 1975 he founded the Community Health Foundation in London England, a Charitable Trust that was the largest natural health education centre in the world. Together with Michio and Aveline Kushi, he was a founder of the Kushi Institute and served as Executive Director of the institute programs in London, England and Boston, USA. Bill has served as a senior faculty member for the Kiental Institute and Naropa University. His latest book How To Eat Right & Save The Planet is available world-wide on amazon.

Be Well and Check out my Websites:

Jason Fonger

Jason is an elite level triathlete who has eaten a 100% plant-based diet since 2009. At the 7th International Virtual Yoga & Health Expo, Jason will be moderating a plant-powered athlete panel discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear some amazing athletes discuss how plant-based eating has affected their athletic performance.

After reading a copy of Rich Roll’s “Finding Ultra”, Jason was inspired to get his first taste of triathlon and decided to race the 2013 Orillia Triathlon in Ontario, Canada. He continued casually training but did not race again until 2017, when he began racing on a regular basis. By the end of 2019, he had competed in 18 triathlons which resulted in him winning his age group 13 times and winning 4 races overall.

He was the overall winner at the 2017 Bangsaen Sprint Triathlon, the 2017 Orillia Triathlon, the 2017 Kanchanaburi Olympic Triathlon, and the 2018 Hua-Hin Sprint Triathlon. He won his age group and was the top amateur at the 2018 Challenge Kanchanaburi Mid-Distance Triathlon. He won his age group at Ironman 70.3 Bangsaen in 2019, qualifying for the world championships. He was the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Champion for his age group. He finished in the top 20% at the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Pearl Cicci

Pearl is a Nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer with a passion for educating people about taking care of their bodies. Her goal is to make it easy and simple to achieve optimal health. Taking a very holistic approach, Pearl is focused on the overall well being of a person. Working with women entrepreneurs to increase their energy levels and optimize their health, using plant based approaches and movement. Thus allowing them to show up better for their businesses and other areas of life. She believes that with proper information and guidance, everyone can feel and look their best!

Dr. Matthew Nagra

Dr. Matthew Nagra is a Naturopathic Doctor devoted to bringing the most up-to-date evidence-based nutrition information to his patients at his clinic in Vancouver. In 2018 he graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine after completing his bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology at the University of Victoria. He’s certified in plant-based nutrition through eCornell and has written articles for Dr. T Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies. More recently he was a scientific reviewer for the upcoming book, “The Proof is in the Plants” by Simon Hill (Plant Proof), which will be released on May 4th, 2021. Dr. Nagra is known for his social media platforms, where he often tackles misinformation around diet and nutrition, and deep dives into the latest nutrition studies. Dr. Matthew will be part of plant based panel discussion in our 7th Yoga & Health Expo on 20th June 2021.

Theda Phoenix

Theda Phoenix is a sacred sound channel, intuitive singer, sound-healer, songwriter and recording artist whose enchanting voice, shamanic sounds and soul inspiring lyrics move people deeply, catalyzing wellness and transformation.

She works with a variety of instruments, including Voice, Crystal Singing Bowls, Buffalo Drum, Harp and Guitar for over 10 years. She creates music for meditation, yoga and wellness at events, festivals and conferences with international speakers who have included Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Her sound healing, deeply meditative music calms the body, rebalances the nervous system and allows our bodies inner healing wisdom to naturally restore us to wellbeing.

Find out more and listen at:
WEBSITE: http://ThedaPhoenix.com
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/theda.phoenix/?hl=en
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/intuitivesinger/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/thedaphoenix
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0HZ8LgUMCnLAXeJ8Bal4Z5
BANDCAMP: https://thedaphoenix.bandcamp.com/


Muzammil is a third year medical student with a masters in psychology, certification in nutrition and a bachelor’s in business.

He believes more times than not; doctors should be prescribing patients with a healthy lifestyle over prescribed medications. And he believes a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet rich in whole plant-foods.

He shares evidence based nutrition and covers what a healthy diet looks like, how to incorporate a healthy diet in lifestyle and the role of diet in prevention, treatment and in certain cases reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases.

He also believes in living a sustainable and conscious life that involves reducing our carbon footprint on the planet and living with compassion and kindness.
He will be a panellist in plant-based panel discussion only on 7th Yoga & Health Expo on 20th June 2021.

Wendy Issa

Wendy Issa is an International Yoga, Energy Breathwork Coach, and Meditation Teacher. She started her practice over 10 years ago when she discovered the power of Yoga while looking for balance and healing in her life. Before moving to Canada in 2012, she decided to do her first Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and since then she has been leading classes and international retreats across Canada and Ecuador. Born and raised in Ecuador, Wendy brings to her teachings the spiciness of her heritage and the openness of her heart while leading in her soft voice through a body mindfulness and alignment class while focusing on the expansion of the breath.

Private Therapeutic Yoga Class –  a 60 min class focused on the alignment of the body and moving through the flow of the breath. Explore freedom from within, leaving the practice energized and with a deeper knowledge of your physical being.

Website: www.wendyissa.com


Florian is an ethical vegan for 6 years. With his service FitVegans.com, He helps vegans get in the best shape of their lives. So far, he has helped more than 200 vegans in 20+ countries.

Florian and his coaching have been featured on HappyCow, Nutritionfacts and Cronometer. His social media channels have a combined following of over 25,000+ fellow vegans.

Florian will be part of plant based panel discussion in our 7th Yoga & Health Expo on 20th June 2021.