Adopt plant-based lifestyle for a sustainable living:

With the benefits of plant-based eating becoming more pronounced and impactful, it’s no wonder that so many have adopted this lifestyle. A growing community of vegans and vegetarians means more demand for high-quality plant-based products, that deliver on both nutritional values and taste. Gone are the days of boring vegan foods; food manufacturers and even restaurants and fast-food chains are taking initiatives and bringing innovation to this expanding food category.

Do you want to make sure no animals were harmed when you’re shopping or eating? Struggling to find the perfect gift for someone? Looking to support and order from a local restaurant? This list of plant-based businesses in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland has you covered.


Restaurants that are 100% plant-based

Aleph Eatery

Middle Eastern

Bad Apple

Healthy “pub” food, punk theme


Fresh whole food-based meals

Chau Veggie Express

Modern Vietnamese


Chi Vegan

Modern Vietnamese

CHOMP Vegan Eatery

Organic gluten-free pub fare

Pizzeria Grano


Planetary Kitchen

Burgers, fries, and milkshakes

The Cider House

Cider and fresh foods (ask if cider is vegan)

The Green Moustache

Cafe with meals, smoothies, desserts

The Pizza Castle and Indian Curry

Pizza and Indian food

Veg Out Plant-Based Burgers & Shakes

Burgers, fries, and milkshakes

Vegan Cave

Vietnamese food

Virtuous Pie

Whisk Matcha Cafe


Dessert businesses that are 100% plant-based


Edible Flours

Cupcakes, cookies, breads, loaves and other bakery goods

Fairy Cakes

Baked goods & popsicles; peanut/nut-free

GLOW Chocolate

Chocolates and truffles

Hooray Truffles

Panela Lemon

Ice cream

Sweets From the Earth

Vegan & gluten-free pastries, breads & other treats

Vegan Pudding & Co

Organic, nut-free bakery operating at pop-ups & farmer markets

Zimt Chocolate Cafe

Organic treats, hot drinks and chocolates


Food and beverage businesses that are 100% plant-based

Avafina Organics

Vegan cheese, spreads, and caviar

Gourmet cheeses


Eternal Abundance Eatery & Grocery

Grocery products and cafe

Ergogenics Nutrition

Sports supplements

Glory Juice Co.

Fresh juices, nut mylks, and cleanses. Uses honey in some recipes

Harken Coffee

Healthy Choice Wholesale Foods

Lita’s Mexican Foods

Prepared Mexican foods

Manna Sacred Meals

Plant Veda

Plant-based dairy

Meat alternatives

Wild Trails Coffee

Wraps, paninis, baked goods and coffee

Yoggu Coconut Yogurt


Plant-based clothing, bedding, footwear and products


Buckwheat hull pillows

Daub and Design

Sustainable vegan clothing


Recycled vegan rain protection for adults and kids

Friend & Faux

Vegan clothing

Animal-free clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products

Sustainable vegan yoga pants and clothing

Kuseno Comfort Products

Candles made using soy, cotton, wood and glass

Native Shoes

All vegan clothing and outwear

Peace People Project

Upcycled vegan clothes


Clothing with vegan messages

Save the Duck

Vegan clothing and outerwear

Vegan Yarn

Yarn made of cotton, bamboo, linen, and Tencel (Eucalyptus trees)



Plant-based beauty and cleaning products and services

Aspen Clean

Blue Dot

Carina Organics

Hair and skin care products


Natural skincare products

Cheekbone Beauty


Clarity Apothecary

Natural oils

Eventide Botanic Alchemy

Face masks

Ferlow Botanicals

Skin and body care products

Honest Cleaning & Services

Cleaning service with vegan products

Shaving products and soaps

Live for Tomorrow

Cleaning products

Nala Care

Organic deodorants and body care products

Nellie’s All-Natural

Zero-waste cleaning products, laundry detergent

Okoko Cosmetiques

Botanical oils and extracts

Peregrine Supply Co

Beard and grooming products

Pink House Organics

Bath, body, skin, and makeup


Specialty skincare


Gender-neutral hair, skin, and bath care products

Vintage Touch Cleaning

Vitale Body & Soul Care

Skincare products

Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary

Handcrafted bath and body care products with an eco-conscious focus

Willow’s Wax Bar

Cruelty-free wax and other beauty products

Plant-based pet products


Plant-based dog food


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