The Yoga Festival and Health Expo Foundation is a nonprofit, organization based in Vancouver with a vision of enhancing health, happiness, knowledge, and peace in life through a holistic approach to Yoga and yogic modern lifestyle.

Our mission for this festival is to inspire and connect our communities to live creative, healthy, vibrant and stress-free active lives through the practice of yoga and meditation. The Sixth International Yoga Festival is a one-day event that aimed to spread the joy of wellness while bringing together the local yoga and health enthusiast communities. The festival is filled with yoga classes with famous yoga instructors and a marketplace of health-conscious food from famous distributors. The festival also introduces other wellness activities, spiritual organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in Wellness, Health, Vegan, Vegetarian, Natural and Organic products that help keeps people healthy and positive.

Our Vision

Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body. Together with the Ayuverda tradition, the festival thrives to bring to the city of Vancouver this unity that yoga brings.

The United Nations International Day Of Yoga (UNIDY) occurs on June 21st every year. The goal of this official recognition and celebration is to inspire world citizens to practice yoga in order to be liberated from suffering, develop inner peace, and live a healthy and mindful life.

We envision a world through the yoga festival where each community member is able to bridge the gap between health and happiness. Yoga will hopefully increasingly become a bridge for the entire globe to connect. Yoga festival is a conscious movement celebrating and strengthening our unity. We inspire our communities to practice mindful living. Our efforts will create a bond across the local communities across religions, caste, race and geography. We would like to create a platform for future development of self expression and self realization.