Speaker, YHE 2021

Marlene Watson-Tara

Marlene is a long-time vegan, activist, lover of animals, nature and life and passionate about human ecology. She is an eternal optimist, increasing the number of people worldwide to switch to a wholefood plant-based diet and vegan life is her mission. Together with her husband Bill Tara, they have created The Human Ecology Project. As a high profiled and dedicated health counsellor and teacher with over 40 years’ experience, Marlene’s dietary advice draws from the fields of Macrobiotic Nutrition, her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her certification in Plant- Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Her clients range from the movies and arts to members of royal families. In the last 10 years she has been teaching chefs the art and skill of wholefood plant-based cooking and nutrition. As a regular columnist for many yoga, health magazines and websites she shares her knowledge on living healthily. Her vast experience informs a body of knowledge that she eagerly shares with the world.

As the international author of the best-selling book ‘Macrobiotics for all Seasons’ Marlene teaches alongside her husband Bill Tara and have graduates from their “Macrobiotic Vegan Health Coach Programme” in 27 countries.

She is a driving force for health and fitness to all who cross her path. Her “Ultimate Health Experience” workshops have been offered in Europe, America, and Australia over the last three decades.

Marlene lives with a huge gratitude for life. She is not bogged down with some overriding “theory” to prove. For her there is no dogma. She teaches what she does and has an open mind. When she teaches, the most common sound in the room is laughter, from her and her students. Her desire to help others is as genuine as her no-nonsense approach to what works.

You will enjoy Marlene’s new book ‘Go Vegan’. The information is simple, direct and effective, and the recipes are delicious. If you follow Marlene’s advice, you will be better for it. After all, that’s what she guarantees.

Her favourite saying – “If you don’t look after your body, then where are you going to live?”


Marlene Watson-Tara