Speaker, YHE 2020

Philip Wade

Philip experientially realised the nature of the True Self which he refers to as Infinite Silence after a 14 year meditation journey which, interestingly, was partly inspired by a skiing holiday in Vancouver/Whistler in the year 2000.

In his former life he was a Chartered Civil Engineer and Director of a large Consultancy business in the UK. He left that world behind in 2009 following a deep spiritual calling and never looked back.

His sharing is reported to be simple, direct, profound, compassionate and of exquisite clarity. It is all based on direct experience is practical and is not rooted in any tradition. It is ideal for the modern era. The calling has seen him share in person across the UK, Iceland, Amsterdam, Crete and Corfu (Greek Islands) and globally online. He has a large open source website and YouTube Channel with many free Self Realisation resources.


Philip Wade