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Shane Jeremy James

Shane Jeremy James; the founder of Actions Of Compassion had a vision of the exact type of company he wanted to build. He envisioned a global company that was able to enrich the lives of his employees, customers, partners, the less fortunate and whomever it came in contact with. This is when he decided to turn the Actions Of Compassion movement into a brand. Shane is challenging the ‘status quo’ of typical and generic businesses and the way they operate by building a ‘People before Profits’ business model. His teachings revolve around creating brands that last forever.

Shanes’ journey started very early in life. As a youth Shane would ask for a subscription to ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ for his birthday and his deep level of passion for business has continued to this day.

Eventually Shane attended business college. From all the years of knowledge acquired through the magazines and his college education he was able to recognize a once in a life time opportunity. There was a small franchise coming out of the US: ‘Curves for Women’. He quickly began raising funds and was the first person to successfully bring the franchise into Canada. Having Indigenous Heritage (stemming from the Lakota Tribe), Shane acquired his first round of financing through the Aboriginal Bank of Canada, from his mother and most notably from his very own college professor! Shane’s Curves franchises were consistently among the top 10 of 10,000 of the most profitable franchises and would sell over 2 million dollars of memberships. The entire Curves franchise became a wildly successful company; achieving 4 billion in revenue in only 10 years. To put this in perspective, it took McDonalds and Subway 25 years to achieve those numbers. Within this time, Shane also wrote his first book: ‘Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight’. Because of the wild success of his first book he wrote 3 more: ‘Networking to Wealth’, ‘Prospecting, Closing & Persuasion’, and ‘The 63 Day Diet’. Shane went on to be featured on news outlets and programs across North America and the entire world.

Shane’s Compassion Journey

Eager to create real world change, Shane reached out to his Twitter followers declaring his intention to build a compassion movement by simply asking if anyone wanted to help. The immediate support was amazing with majority of the replies saying: “Let’s do it!”. Shane knew that focusing on helping others to make a better world would produce results, but he had no idea how large of a movement he was creating.

The Compassion journey was sparked by a single tweet encouraging a daily act of compassion. Whether it was holding the door open for a stranger, volunteering at a homeless or animal shelter, spending hours on the phone helping others or donating money to a good cause. No acts of compassion were too small. The word spread as people from all over the globe began to do Actions Of Compassion.

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