07 Jul

Built upon the principle of realignment, yoga therapy is a reigning treatment for athletes and people around the world looking to regain control of their injured bodies at a faster and less painful pace.


Recovering from an injury is no easy feat. Whether you are a professional athlete or living an average life, injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, and it is the healing journey that is often more painful than the symptom itself. It might take days, weeks, or even years! It is only consistent effort and daily practice that can bring conspicuous changes to your body. Affecting both your physical and emotional health, yoga can be a gentle hand that can aid your recovery journey.

Here are six of the most helpful yoga poses you can practice daily that can benefit healing not just your broken body, but also a stressed mind:



  1. Cow Face Pose:
    An excellent pose for strengthening your back muscles, the Cow Face Pose helps open the back and reduce shoulder stiffness. This pose will bring significant changes by improving your range of motion in the shoulder joints, hips, and backs – places that usually hold massive tension in our bodies.
  2. Eye Of The Needle Pose:
    A gentler version of the Pigeon Pose, this Eye of The Needle Pose is practiced while lying on the back to stretch the muscles around your hips, lower back, and hamstrings. If your flexibility and mobility have been compromised during your injury, this pose is the most beneficial to enable movement without worsening your condition. Highly recommended for runners with damaged hamstrings.
  3. Chair Pose:
    Unlike the name may suggest, the Chair Pose is a standing pose that essentially helps improve the alignment of the spine and strengthen the back. It also helps strengthen the thighs, stabilize the knees, and tone the thighs. This is an excellent one-step pose for most lower body recoveries.
  4. Tree Pose:
    If your body is struggling with balance or stable footing post-injury, try the Tree Pose. This one-legged pose is perfect for expanding those inner thighs, shoulders, and chest while strengthening your calves, spine, thighs, and rib cage. It is also great for asserting focus on your mind since you will be engrossed in maintaining proper body balance.
  5. Extended Triangle Pose:
    A feel-good easy pose for those looking for something all-encompassing, the Extended Triangle Pose is great for lowering stress, relieving backaches, and opening your shoulders, chest, spine, hips, hamstrings, calves, knees, and ankles. It is also friendly for burning those love handles on the sides.
  6. Custom Cobra:While it is best suggested to perform in part with Sun Salutations, the Custom Cobra Pose on its own is a wonderful back-bending stretch for engaging the hamstrings, upper back, triceps, feet, and abdomen. It is also a slow and modifiable pose, so you can often begin or end your practice with this pose.

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