27 Jun
When we think about calcium, dairy and dairy products immediately cover our minds. As rich as they are in said nutrient, they aren’t the only good sources available out there. Take a look!

We all know calcium helps our bodies build and maintain strong bones. Beyond that, calcium is an essential nutrient for proper muscle function, hormonal secretion, and nerve transmission.

As a vegan, you might worry about your calcium intake. But fret no, you can happily take your hands off dairy and its products and place them on organic, plant-based counterparts. Indeed, there are many organic items brimming with calcium that vegans can easily experiment with.

You can curate a calcium-rich vegan diet by including the following foods in your daily intake:



Tofu, edamame, and tempeh – are the usuals of any vegan diet. Besides being rich in protein, fiber, and pretty much every mineral, they contain chock-full of calcium that can make up about 80% of your daily intake.



Raw or cooked, take your pick. In fact, 2 cups of broccoli contain the same amount of calcium as a single glass of milk, and that too with a better absorption rate – making it much easier for your body to gain the calcium it needs.



Any leafy green vegetable is ideal for including in your vegan diet, but spinach is a must-include for its high calcium value. At the same time, its high amount of oxalate can defy its calcium absorption. Oxalate binds calcium which makes it hard to break down for the body, so you should eat it boiled to reap all its benefits.



Healthy and flavorful, chia and sesame seeds are two of the foremost sources of calcium that vegans should include in their diet. Known as a superfood, chia packs a lot of punch in its little content and sesame adds taste where it might be lacking.



Not many fruits are as rich in calcium as these too. If you’re craving something sweet, figs are perfect to satiate it while you fill your daily calcium intake. Oranges, also amazing sources of Vitamin C, contain a significant amount of calcium that makes it ideal to eat daily.



Beans are generally a common sight in the vegan diet, but white beans stand out for being notably high in calcium. While you can savor these in salads and wraps alike, these are equally a treat to eat boiled with the right pinch of salt, lemon, and some veggies.



It’s no news that nuts are a great source of minerals, but almonds specifically store great amounts of calcium in them. Whether you’re a fan of almond butter, spreads, or raw, you can joyfully include this nut in your vegan diet as a healthy binge snack. Just a handful would be perfect.


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