04 Feb

Yoga embraces all

To hear of Yoga is a blessing. To absorb and align with it,  even more so. The Yogic and Indian ethos springs from its meaning which means union or yoking of body, emotion and mind with the universe. This expansive thinking beyond race , age or net worth towards refinement of the human being , Self discovery and realisation is what Yoga is about. It is about building humane compassionate beings who can with their very presence bring in fairness, vision and bliss to the endeavours they are involved in and uplift everyone. From such individuals spring conscious communities, organisations and countries.

What one of the Yogic texts speaks of

The Bagwat Gita , an ancient Indian text on conscious living, describes yoga as Excellence in action. This excellence is defined not only as skillfully doing ones job, but having ones heart in it, without getting attached to the fruits.  This does not mean that one does not get something in exchange. However the sole motivation is not the exchange alone. Excellence comes from believing in what one does and knowing it needs to be done for the greater good of all and for cosmic order to fall into place. This extra mile ,one will go to if one has a Yogic attitude. The text also speaks of moderation and not overeating, not having too much recreation, overworking or oversleeping as well. Like this many attitudes are impressed upon on the yogic practitioner and it focuses on healing and harmonising the body, emotions and mind with the infinite.

Wealth of other Yogic Texts and importance of having a life guide who re-parents ones inner child

Just like the Bagvat Gita there are many other texts like the yoga sutras, yoga vashishta, vedas, upanishads, viveka chudamani agamas, puranas, tantras  that speak of these beautiful life principles for uplifting oneself as well as humanity. However the most important aspect in the Yogic culture is studying with a guide, acharya /guru dedicated to these principles rather than getting stuck to just information or bookish knowledge as much as they can point in the right direction. Then one starts imbibing it and living it and it becomes real rather than just remaining on the intellectual level. That is why in the Indian tradition the guru becomes like a spiritual parent, not just a public speaker. Then on becoming a spiritual adult (not related to ones age) the student or one being re-parented is ready to tune into one’s own inner guru and the realisation happens. The practitioner becomes strong in re-parenting and guiding himself towards a more evolved state.  In yoga it is not just an intellectualisation or memorising and speaking about principles but an internalisation and embodiment of it that is the focus.  Guru = dispeller of darkness , Yoga Acharya, fem: Acharini – One who acts in alignment with the Yogic ethos. One who has a grander vision of life

India is unique in having an uninterrupted stream of spiritual researchers

The sages, rishis, maha gurus or ancient researchers as I would like to refer to them have refined themselves and tuned into these principles from the universal vibrations. There is an uninterrupted stream of these Indian life scientists and artists who researched life for over 20,000 years. Each yuga or time period in Indian history has had great teachers, philosophers, researchers of life and texts to explain righteous living. These teachings infiltrated many other countries.

Yoga impacts all and enhances all

Yoga is this marvellous life science that works on individual, family, group ,organisation as well as societal levels. We will see the effect trickle into every area of our life as well as those around us. As we become more conscious through the Yogic practices and principles we cannot but let go of those things that harm us, others or society. We cannot but embrace all of life and enhance it.

Yoga, a path of conscious choices for a kinder world with less violence

That is why those on the yoga path will start making conscious choices about everything they do , feel or think. To start with they are aware of the food they eat , how it is procured and what impact it has on their consciousness. Has the animal been tormented?, is it good for the environment and other pertinent questions will be asked. One will not mindlessly eat what is dished out to them. Similarly one questions one’s lifestyle and other emotional and thought habits. We fathom we are part of a collective whole and therefore healthy and uplifting choices come naturally to those on a yoga path.  Similarly in relationships emotions are acknowledged and channelized. Organisations also benefit from this Emotional intelligence as they have individuals who think out of the box and believe in win win win situations, building a solid foundation for their teams and organisation.

Building not just IQ but EQ, SQ and BQ

I have trained many working for corporations in Self Mastery and stress management and see that they benefit tremendously by learning tools to reprogram the sub-conscious mind and tap into the intelligent design. The benefits start with conscious bodies that can self correct postural imbalances to building Emotional Quotient , Spiritual Quotient and most importantly tuning into the Bliss quotient (coined by Maitreyi to indicate not just happiness but the capacity to tune into a universal vibration of bliss). Then more conscious organisations are built who can contribute to society and heal the environment as they are tuned into this more expansive perspective of life rather than just a limited view of profits.

Yoga clears away the debris to allow the persons divinity to shine through

Yoga is not an exercise regime but a great art and science of dancing your highest potential into being.

Let us build humans who are humane, who build organisations and societies with the same ethos.

So we invite individuals as well as organisations to join us in this event to rise to your most magnificent selves. Be part of the third World Yoga Day on the 17th June 2017 and grow in Abundance and Grace.

Yogacharini Maitreyi is a practical mystic who trains Arkaya yoga teachers& healers and creates conscious community around the world.  She also runs a foundation for children living in slums in Chennai. She is in Vancouver in the summer to train Arkaya Yoga teachers and guide them on a path of self awareness , classical yogic principles, sattvic tantra and multidimentional healing. Next TT starts in July 2017.

E-mail: maitreyi9@hotmail.com; www.arkaya.net

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