19 Jun
Symptoms of both anxiety and depression stem from stress and looking to reduce stress should be your first step in taking back control of your mind. If you’re struggling in daily life with chronic mental issues, mindful meditation can significantly ease your ailing.
Stress is natural and is considered a healthy part of life. It can push you to pursue new challenges, build resilience, and push your limits. However, if not managed well, it could easily hold you back instead of motivating you – anxiety and depression being the common culprits here. They can meddle with your work, physical health, and social life.
Fortunately, you don’t have to keep struggling. Meditation has been proven to help deal with mental issues since the dawn of time. Once you include this Yogic practice in your life, you will find yourself being able to function better, and eventually notice reduced symptoms.


Dr. John W. Denninger,  Director of Research at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital stated, “Meditation trains the brain to achieve sustained focus, and to return to that focus when negative thinking, emotions, and physical sensations intrude — which happens a lot when you feel stressed and anxious.”

Regardless of age, gender, and condition, meditation is a beautiful practice that heals physically, emotionally, and spiritually alike. You can take up this practice any time of the day too!



It is important to find your comfort before starting meditation. Don’t overthink whether you’re doing it right or not, you can set your own rules. During the first few sessions, figure out how many minutes would work for you, what position works for you – whether you’d like to sit or lay – which place is most calming for you… question yourself thoroughly so you can build your meditation routine and continue to practice (and enjoy) it in the long run.


 Don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to maintain focus or sit still for long. Initially, you might feel overwhelmed with your thoughts suddenly rushing in, but don’t worry or panic. This is the process. Part of meditation is letting your mind empty itself by facing those very thoughts, so don’t let yourself stray away and face these challenges head-on. Eventually, you will find yourself calmer and less anxious during this stage.


 Now that you have safely crossed the threshold of dealing with those few seconds of emotional waves, make sure to bring back your focus and energy to the present. Try to focus on the “now”. As a beginner, you can also choose to chant a phrase or conjure up an image in your mind’s eye to help you focus on only that one spot or line. Remember this is the most crucial step in building balance with your mind.


 Once you feel like you have run your course, gently open your eyes. Take your sweet time to walk out of your meditative mind by doing light stretches, journaling, or simply sitting in silence. Let your mind and body bask in this peace you have created for yourself.

Much like any hobby, practice, or skill, It will take time for you to see results from meditation. Once you settle in, you will find yourself feeling lighter, calmer, and much more positive in life. Remember: you have the power in you to make the change you desire.

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