21 Apr

Every year, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth’s day to honor mother earth. Mother Earth is our home place where we all are born, grow, live, eat, play and die. All the sentient beings in the world are connected, consciously and unconsciously, to the mother earth. As every step taken by us is equally important to get to the destination, similarly every element provided by mother earth is significant. These elements are blessed by our mother earth without any cost. Likewise, we should harmoniously look forward to making selfless efforts in guarding our mother earth. Just like our own mother, she nurtures us without asking for anything in return. Now, our mother is in pain. Nature is suffering. Air is polluted, the ocean is filled with plastics, and forests are getting destroyed. She needs our help to thrive.

All the living beings are playing their part in protecting mother earth except mankind. It is the utmost responsibility of human beings to protect mother earth like they would protect their own mother. She bestows us with the blessing of life. The relationship between us and mother earth is based on a profound spiritual connection. The connection is so profound that as the existence of root is connected with the petals of a tree, humanity is connected with mother earth. She stays with us forever. When we stay amid nature, it takes away negative energy from us. She embraces, calms, and heals us.

As a human, on this pious day humanity should all come together as one undivided family and pledge to protect our mother earth in every possible way. In the present day, we should go back in the past and analyze where did we go wrong and how we can improve our deeds in saving our mother earth. In our virtual event scheduled on 20th June 2021 from 11 am (PST) onwards, environmental speakers and vegan celebrities from all across the world are joining to enlighten us on this matter.





Aditya Tawatia

Founder- International Yoga & Health Expo