21 Jun

Holistic health is basically an approach to wellness and better balance. This approach embraces the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of our health.

Vedic living is a great example of holistic living and it draws upon many worldviews, cultures and traditions to do one thing – heal. Healing keeps us balanced, and connected to our inner self and to the outer planet.

Vedic practices are rooted in ancient Indian writings, the Vedas. But Vedic practices also offer very practical ways for modern day living and to align ourselves better with our inner and outer realities.

For instance, many practice Yoga for better holistic health, choose vegetarianism for balanced nutrition and access Ayurvedic medicine to address and prevent health issues. In my own life, making few important choices with regards to what I eat, what medicines I take and how I begin and end my day,  had a dramatic impact.

Let Me Share Three Examples

1. I am a vegetarian and have been one for most of my 55 years. Looking at a plate of nourishing vegetarian food not only makes me enjoy the food, but also makes me feel calm and content in my mind. It makes me feel a deep connection to the planet. I feel it is yet another way for me to be kind in this life.

2. For most part, I choose Ayurveda to treat and/or prevent any health issues. It has been extremely beneficial for me and helps me stay in good health.

3. I generally begin and end my day with mindfulness practice (mostly meditation). Over the years, I have come to understand that this simple act has had a profound effect on me and how I experience my days. There is a sense of calm, purpose and I feel better equipped to deal with life’s many challenges.

Most people generally get through the day being busy but not necessarily mindful. By consciously incorporating small elements of holistic living, we can experience a big difference in our lives and enhance all aspects of our life. Holistic living is a gift we can give ourselves in this lifetime.

About The Author

Sobhana is a social work graduate from TISS. With extensive experience in child welfare and senior policy, she now serves as AVP at SFU. She’s also President of BC-India Business Network, Chief Impact Officer for HashHackCode, and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Email Address: sobhanajm@gmail.com