16 Jun

Eating food is such a big part of our life, even more than we realize, plus it’s so yummy! 

Do you ever find yourself just scarfing something down for lunch in your car and then basically forgetting that you even ate? I am sometimes guilty of this too, especially when everything is so busy. 

My nutrition and what I eat is really important to me, but what I also try to focus is on, is eating mindfully and the experience of enjoying a meal. 

Here Are My 5 Tips for a Good Experience and for Optimal Digestion.

1. Sit at a Table

Rather than eating standing, at a couch, at a desk or in a car, I find it nice to sit down at a proper table to separate the activity of eating from other activities I do. This helps let my brain know that it’s time to eat, then digest. 

2. Eat Without Distractions

If I eat while driving, working, walking etc. I find I’m not mindful and I don’t really enjoy or appreciate my food as much. This also usually leads to me rushing to finish. 

3. Eat Slowly

My Mother used to always says this and she was right! When I eat slower, I get to savour the experience and I realize when I’m full, which ensures I don’t over eat. This is hard to do in our rushed, fast paced society so it’s not easy but I make a point of doing it as much as possible. 

4. Limit Beverage Intake

This is something that can really helped reduce any post meal bloating. When we chug tons of liquid with our meal we can dilute or stomach acid which makes it harder to properly digest food. I used to drink so much with my meals and since stopping, I’ve noticed a difference! 

5. Have Gratitude

I like to try to think about the food I’m eating, appreciating it, the work that went into making it and how it is nourishing my body. 

About The Author

Steph Hopkins developed a passion for nutrition while experiencing her own weight loss transformation after her daughter was born. She was inspired so much by the power of good nutrition on both her physical and mental health, that she decided to change careers and become a nutrition coach to help others on their health and wellness journey.

Transformational Nutrition is a unique approach that is informed by the idea that we are fed by so much more than what is on our plate. It is based on 3 pillars of nutrition, physical, mental and spiritual. By using this holistic approach, people are able to make improvements to their health on a deeper, more transformative level.

Website: https://www.stephhopkins.ca/

Email Address: stephs.healthstyle@gmail.com