15 Jun

As the pandemic struck and economies crumbled, nations recognized the power of opting local. From building and supporting small businesses to encouraging a local way of life, Vocal for Local is a timely motto that can help lead a sustainable lifestyle.



Vocal for Local stands for not only domestically making products, but also promoting them on a native scale. We can all incorporate Vocal for Local in our lives to lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle – whether it begins with fashion, food, beauty, or wellness.



The idea of the slogan is to promote local industries and consume local wherever possible so that the long term effects of an increase in demand can be used to develop the domestic industries and make them gradually self-reliant.



Many might find switching to native products a massive shift in their lives. But the good thing is, it doesn’t have to be! Supporting native brands and products can begin in your daily life.



Local and seasonal produce makes a significant change to our lifestyle as well as the economy. That is why veganism is attached to being vocal for local. Vegan food and vegan products both are an important aspect of supporting small businesses and creating a chain of economical and green living for everyone.


Brands like NONA Vegan Foods, Yoso, Fair/Square, Leafii, and Culcherd are some of the most noted names in the Canadian vegan foods market – perfect to initiate the Vocal for Local conversation. Moreover, growing seasonal produce in your own homes directly supports the notion.



Clean beauty enthusiasts, look for the vegan and cruelty-free tags before buying any product. Today, beauty is all about supporting the right brands and redefining the industry standards. Take Sephora, Milk Makeup, Kylie Cosmetics, Marcelle, and Plume Cosmetics. These are the reigning native names in beauty with a cause! Industry giants are now moving towards nurturing native ingredients in their collections, and it is the duty of us consumers to bring them at the forefront of being vocal for local.

Essentially, it is the evolution of consumers shifting to a local perspective that would encourage brands to cater to this demand. This eventually will lead to a sustainable ecosystem where both can enjoy a healthy, better life.

With consistent efforts and awareness, we can all build a long-term eco-friendly nation that is supported from its roots.


Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Yoga Health Expo 2022 will be a one-day festival celebrating the joys of good well-being through a holistic approach to the Yogic way of life including Yoga, Veganism, and Vegetarianism in our lifestyle. The celebration shall welcome famous yoga teachers Vancouver, interactive yoga classes Vancouver and a platform for vegan products and vegan food Vancouver.


For more information on our upcoming International Yoga Festival & Health Expo, please visit: https://yogahealthexpo.com/.


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