11 Jul
Addiction can arrive in any form. Substance, social media, food, objects – it is a strong longing that can easily seep into our lives and disrupt our normal functioning. Yoga helps build physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience, and therefore it can be a huge tool in helping one en route to addiction recovery.


“Yoga calms the nervous system and relaxes our muscles and mental synapses even when our addictive nature is triggered.” say researchers on how yoga therapy has been a beneficial aspect for recovery in addicts.

While there is more conversation needed on the subject, the conclusion has always remained that yoga brings significant changes to our brain and body – helping them manage feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression much more calmly and efficiently. It builds resilience, calms our racing minds, and soothes our bodies from tension. So here are six yoga poses you can rely on to combat addiction on your road to recovery: 


  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose : When you need to feel grounded, the Downward Facing Dog is your go-to pose. It gently strengthens your muscles while lightening the stiffness, and further helps release stress and tension you might be holding in both physically and emotionally.
  2. Child’s Pose : Feelings of addiction are often triggered when we feel unsafe or anxious. To find that sense of security, this pose is highly recommended. The Child’s Pose releases tension from the shoulders and spine, in turn relieving the mental burden. The pose in itself symbolizes safety and protection, resembling the inside of a womb.
  3. Pigeon Pose : Sometimes it is about facing your suppressed emotions and facing them head-on. With the Pigeon Pose, you can easily release all that pent-up energy and stored thoughts within your body. Expanding the hips and nervous system, this pose is suggested for when you want to invite in long-buried emotions and let them go gracefully.
  4. Fish Pose : Working your spine, chest, and shoulders, the Fish Pose is a great heart opener that helps relieve anxiety and stress. If you feel highly anxious or on the verge of a panic attack, this pose will be sure to wash it all away with a newfound sense of stability.
  5. Low Lunge Pose :Extend your body and let go of all your emotional trauma, slowly but surely, with the Low Lunge pose. This pose stretches the groin, hips, and flexors – common spots of our body that coil tension. Note that the Low Lunge should be modified according to your mind and body intensity.
  6. Corpse Pose : End your yoga practice with the relaxing Corpse Pose. A basic yet quintessential pose, it helps relieve tension from the entire body, leaving the mind and body feeling completely rejuvenated – reminiscent of a spa session. Remember, this might be a challenging pose for some, but it is the holy grail of dealing with addiction triggers.


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