22 Jun
Streaming live from the Simon Fraser University, Canada, the 8th Yoga & Health Expo 2022 ended with a bang on 19th June, Sunday. Accompanied by renowned international speakers and live panel discussions, the event shone a light on the divine journey of natural living, mental health awareness, healthy eating, and the necessity of making the world a cruelty-free place to live through veganism.

“We Are One Step Away From The Virtue of Generosity and Compassion”


Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Yoga & Health Expo is a one-day festival celebrating the joys of good wellbeing while enhancing health, happiness, knowledge, and peace in life through a holistic approach to the Yogic way of life including Yoga, Veganism, and Vegetarianism in our lifestyle.


Hosted both physically and virtually since 2015, this year’s Zoom webinar welcomed famous yoga instructors, mental health advocates, and stalwarts from the walks of wellness, health, veganism, vegetarianism, and organic living.


Leading the day was Jerry Liu – TV show host at TalenvisionTV and Financial Advisor at JMP Group, one of the leading investment and asset management firms, and Shushtikh.




Leading holistic fitness guru and one of the most coveted wellness leaders in India, Vesna Peričević Jacob commenced the conversation with a candid throwback to her days of surviving a life-changing injury, arriving in India, and finally finding her calling in Yoga.


“My takeaway from these many years of studying, exploring, and teaching yoga is that we can’t live in isolation. If we are a bit more mindful and take things with an open heart and put our egos aside, we can create a much better space,” says Vesna. She added, “Your first and foremost step has to begin from within. Meditation, breathing, sitting quietly, and essentially creating a space for not only your physical but emotional body can carry you far away.”


Following suit was Paloma Gangopadhyay – an internationally affiliated celebrity yoga instructor, lifestyle coach, and health culturist. With over 13 years of preaching and teaching yoga with focus on ailment treatment for a healthy lifestyle, Paloma threw light on the changing trends of yoga in the age of globalization – from emerging yoga studios everywhere, to traditional yoga transforming into modern forms like beer and animal yoga, to the importance of posture in practice and connecting the mind-body-soul. “Remember, yoga is from yourself to yourself. It combines science, spirituality, and philosophy. ”


Next up was none other than Shane Jeremy James, Founder and CEO of Actions Of Compassion. Geared with his mission to influence compassionate acts and change the way businesses are built around the globe, Shane touched upon his philosophy of People Over Profit, the importance of veganism in being compassionate, and inducing world change by leaving behind separations of race and ethnicity.


As he believes, “We’re all one humanity. Everyone’s just walking. When there is no separation between us, that is how we create change in the world. We all love each other, help each other, and spread compassion. Let’s make this world a better place for the next generation and the next and the next. No part is too small.”


Ushering toward mental health awareness, life coach, the catalyst of life transformation, and lover of Pranayam yoga, Simi Arora harnessed the power of personal experiences and paired it with science to explain how anyone can bring changes in their minds and life by practicing Yoga. “I always say the three foundations of mental health are relaxation, response, and rejuvenation.”


Relaxation: “Yoga is the mind-body connection with your breathing. Dealing with daily anxiety through pranayama will significantly become easier.”


Response: “It’s less about the events and a lot about the way we respond to them. Anxiety is a normal feeling but staying there is not healthy.”


Rejuvenation: “Rejuvenation is the element where we are not only fixing our mental health but also activating our cognitive abilities. The more you practice yoga, your learning abilities including memory sharpens which is equally essential to our mental health.”


Simi further added, “Mental health is the foundation of growth in your life. The most important thing we should be talking about every day is how it relates to yoga because there are treatments for anxiety, depression, and other chronic issues here.”



Last but not the least, experienced life and business strategist, wellness coach, and Founder of The Human Potential Academy, Matthew Finlin, along with his women-led panelist, sparked a heartfelt interaction on mental-emotional health and mind adversity.


“Controlled breath is your superpower when faced with mental adversities,” emphasized Matthew, “You can train your IQ and EQ, but AQ (Adversity Quotient) can be trained only by going through adversity. Each time you go through one, you can train your mind to deal with the situation calmly and effortlessly.”


From Matthew’s coveted team, Claire HuiBonHoa, Elle Honeycutt, Jill Nixon, Lily Chan, and Jessica Newman dived deep into their own generational trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, a skewed sense of identity, and finally embarking on their own healing journeys.


The 8th Yoga & Health Expo put a spotlight on some of the most important themes that have dominated the wellness sphere – veganism, Yoga, meditation, mental health, and sustainability.

We thank all our panelists, viewers, and readers for accompanying us in this grand success of building a more mindful and conscious world. Here’s to many more!


Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Yoga Health Expo 2022 will be a one-day festival celebrating the joys of good well-being through a holistic approach to the Yogic way of life including Yoga, Veganism, and Vegetarianism in our lifestyle. The celebration shall welcome famous yoga teachers Vancouver, interactive yoga classes Vancouver and a platform for vegan products and vegan food Vancouver.

 For more information on our upcoming International Yoga Festival & Health Expo, please visit: https://yogahealthexpo.com/.

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