22 May

As dynamic an entrepreneur as he is a philanthropist, Aditya Tawatia is the founder and director of Yoga & Health Expo Foundation – the non-profit organization working towards healthy eating and well-being lifestyle.

A successful personality in each one of his endeavors, Aditya is renowned in the media, health, and community service landscape. Currently titled as the President of the Indo Canada Global Forum, BC, he is considered to be an industry innovator for bridging relations between India and Canada over the past decade.

The entrepreneur has always been inspired by his father’s ideologies that he continues to put in motion in all his ventures even today. From being the publisher of Canada’s oldest ethic English newspaper “The Link” that is today well-renowned across the country’s stations to paving way for a healthy organic lifestyle platform with Yoga & Health Expo Foundation, Aditya rightfully redefines what it means to be a true visionary.

HEALTHY BEGINNINGS: International Yoga Festival Vancouver

Established with the aim to enhance health, happiness, knowledge, and peace in life through a holistic approach to life, Yoga & Health Expo is Aditya’s non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada, that celebrates healthy food and joyful living. Through Yoga, Veganism, Local for Vocal, going Organic, and Meditation, he believes in the necessity of saving our Environment and giving back to the community earnestly.

Be it highlighting the importance of vegan food and products or building a Yogic way of life through yoga classes, instructors, and practices, he is most passionate about spearheading the motto of clean and green eating for a better future for the world.

An avid wellness enthusiast himself, he advocates for ‘Oneness’ which he grew up admiring in his own  Indian household. He believes in bringing the values of peace and harmony of Indian culture to the rest of the world through healthy and organic eating. “My real passion lies in forging a strong link between the country of my birth, India, and the country of my living, Canada.” he shares.


The Yoga Festival & Health Expo is an annual affair that aims for an environment-friendly, clean and healthy lifestyle for everyone around the world. The festival has witnessed seven expos since 2015 – all of which have fared most successfully. The event will now be making its comeback with the 8th Yoga Festival & Health Expo this 19th of June 2022 in Vancouver.

As always, Aditya today too aims to unlock the true potential of a healthy lifestyle and an even healthier planet if only we choose to eat right.

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