29 May

Have you ever found yourself suppressing your emotions? Do you sometimes feel so stressed out that it affects your relationships and health? Are you tired of feeling restricted by your own fear or being emotionally reactive?

Emotions are instinctive responses that are here to help you grow. There are no bad emotions; they are powerful tools to help us change, put our boundaries up, and grow.

Difficult emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, anxiety, and stress, are the emotions that we are most likely to react to.

An emotional reaction can be felt physically, such as body shaking,accelerated heartbeat, heaviness in the belly and it can result in a change in behavior, such as shutting down suddenly, leaving a conversation, or engaging in abusive communication.

Emotional reactions are fueled by your thoughts, based on your values and beliefs (ego related).

These emotional reactions have a message for you. Life is throwing you opportunities to grow. As you discover your trueself and get rid of conditioned thoughts and beliefs, old traumas may come to the surface in the form of emotional reactions.

If you want to release old traumas, energy healing methods such as Reiki can be powerful healing tools.

Developing awareness will help you be aware of your emotional reactions and, potentially, to avoid reacting. Here are some steps to help you heal your relationship with your emotions and deal with difficult emotions:

1. Welcome the reactions:

Whatever the response (reaction) is, physiological or behavioral, welcome it. Welcome what is. Conscious belly breathing will help you stay with this sensation and be at peace with it.

2. Name the emotion(s):

What emotion is involved here? Is it anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, or guilt? Know that there could be more than one option, and they may be responsible for the same or different sensations in your body.

3. Welcome the emotion:

Welcome the emotion as it is. Don’t add any layers to it, as doing it could double the pain related to the emotion itself. Be careful of the shame “I shouldn’t feel this,” which is usually a layer that goes on top of any other emotion.

4. Visualize the sensation:

Where is it located? What does it look like? What is its color, shape, and texture? If there are any memories or thoughts that come up, allow them to be.

Concentrate on your breathing and observe if there is any change in the sensation. Let it go at every exhale. If it’s too hurtful to visualize the sensation, focus on slow belly breathing, feeling your feet on the ground, and welcoming the light on the top of your head (crown chakra) that is there to help you in that moment.

5. Remind yourself that you are not the emotion:

These are emotions that you are feeling right now through the sensations in your body. The emotions are related to your thoughts, memories and beliefs around them and they belong to your ego, not your inner self.

Note that emotions need to do their full cycle to not be blocked. Feel free to come back later in the day, or week, in a safe place, and cry what needs to be cried about.

Dance, shake, write everything down just to let go, without thinking… Repeat the steps above and when you feel that you managed to let your emotions flow, fill yourself with white golden light. And say thank you!

Let’s see what superpower this emotion is giving you.

About the Author

Véronique Cardinal

Reiki Master – Wellbeing Coach – Yoga/Meditation Teacher – Inner/Outer Explorer 

Wild Inner Light





Véronique, a French native speaker from Montreal, Canada, has led a diverse and transformative life journey. Having spent numerous years in Brighton, UK, she now resides in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada. As Véronique evolves on her path of consciousness, she finds her work evolving alongside her.

While her professional background includes roles as a Marketing Manager and Lecturer, her true calling lies in helping others.

Over time, Véronique’s career has shifted towards guiding individuals in mindfulness, a passion she has pursued for over a decade through practices such as coaching, energy healing, yoga, and meditation.

Discovering the profound power of energy healing in 2017, Véronique became captivated by this gift and dedicated herself to becoming a Reiki Master in 2022. Grateful for her ability to channel energy and heal others, she approaches her practice with deep gratitude and devotion.

Véronique firmly believes that exploring our emotional landscapes is essential for liberating our inner selves. She recognizes the integral role emotions play in personal growth and heightened consciousness.

Through techniques such as identifying emotions, locating their sensations in the body, and practicing non-attachment, Véronique guides her clients to safely release toxic beliefs, thoughts, and generational patterns.

By harmonizing energy and emotions, she helps individuals radiate their inner light and live consciously.