01 Jun

I have always had an interest in science and health, but my passion for environmentalism has been growing for the past few years, as the climate crisis has become greater than ever. Having been an omnivore for the majority of my life, I stopped eating meat in 2019, and became vegan seven months ago due to the effects that animal agriculture has on our planet. The transition to a plant-based diet was relatively easy for me to make, and this is because veganism is no longer a taboo but a widespread way of life. There are now incredible vegan restaurants, cafes and markets, and the majority of non-plant-based restaurants have vegan options. Additionally, 2020 saw all high-street supermarkets drastically increase their plant-based ranges, making veganism more accessible to everyone. As much as I love that I now have the option to be able to grab-and-go with a vegan ready-meal, living a plant-based lifestyle has really augmented my love of cooking. It is exciting to try new foods, such as jackfruit, and prepare them in a way that even a carnivore, like my father, loves and admit that “you don’t miss meat in this meal!”.