09 Jun

SELF Time is the most precious gift you have. It is the Gold you have been looking for.

YOU, are already it. Your TRUE SELF.

The fact that is so simple is, for most people, a perceived barrier that stops them from realising it.
Realising the SELF, that is SELF REALISATION. Enlightenment.
It is, in truth, the natural essence of YOU.
However, it has been forgotten and in that forgetting separation consciousness and suffering emerge as a common experience.
There may be temporary highs but most frequently there is worry, fear, sadness and a whole range of other low frequency energies present and they become a perceived reality.
They certainly feel very real.
This true SELF is however untouched, unblemished, perfect, whole and eternal.
It is only the identification, attachment and belief in anything less than the totality of your truth that causes the experience of suffering. This is what the Buddha meant when he said: “Life is Suffering” – he was referring to the identified life. Identified with smallness rather than wholeness, the Infinite SELF.
So how to change this experience? That’s been a key question for humanity for millennia!
Call off the external search.
The search for truth, peace, love, grace and joy outside of you. They are not there.
They are instead the perfume of your essence. They emanate and flow from you.
If you let them.
It is as simple as letting go completely of all that you are NOT to allow all that you are to shine through.
This is the surrendering to the TRUTH of you.
It is NOT what you think you are.
It IS what your heart and soul already knows YOU are.
The heart never lies.

Its voice is the one that is quiet. In the stillness of your pure being it can be heard. NOW.
It speaks only TRUTH. The whole truth and nothing but the truth!
Open into that now with some true SELF TIME.
Be still and open into the Infinite Silence that you are. Practice this kind of SELF TIME regularly and with the urge that comes from the heart then it will be realised as your permanent presence. Your Truth.
This is the purpose of all spiritual practice. To move you beyond the practice into the everlasting experience of truth.

That practice of SELF TIME merges into the timeless SELF.
It will not be through anything you have done. It will be because you have allowed it to emerge.
You cannot do anything to become that which you already are.
It is an allowing. By becoming quiet, still, centred. Trusting in that and that alone.
Then all that you are not will come forth for release. Do not judge this. Allow it. Be witness to it but not the stuff itself.
In the allowing truth will emerge:
In you, through you as YOU!
So once again:
That practice of SELF TIME merges into the timeless SELF.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,
In the 30 min video below I guide into Infinite Silence. The Gold you have been seeking. The experience is aided at the beginning with guidance from me and some beautiful Harp music drifting into Silence.
The video draws to a close with a ding of the singing bowl/gong and some final pointings. Give yourself the greatest gift today and every day with this opportunity.

Infinite Silence Experience

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