22 Dec

The rise in COVID-19 all around the world has forced a lot of people to transform their lifestyle in a positive manner. Nowadays, people are emphasizing more on natural eating and healthy living. Recently, the demand for organic food has increased drastically. Organic food is devoid of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Most of the organic products are produced on the land fertilized with green manure.

Also, organic food is rich in antioxidants. The food which is high in antioxidants forestall issues like coronary illness, premature; and boosts immunity. They are not only good for human health but for the environment as well. It helps in reducing pollution and soil erosion, saving water, and increasing the fertility of the soil.

Natural horticulture has grown quickly overall during the most recent couple of years and is drilled in around 120 nations of the world, and a lot of agrarian land and farms are developing(Kuhlman, 2006).

Organic produce sales for one, in the wake of bouncing by in excess of 50% at the beginning of kitchen stocking were up in excess of 20% in the spring of 2020 (Organic Trade Association, 2020).

The demand for organic food hit $50.1 billion, up 4.6 percent and Organic non-food sales summed just over $5 billion, up to 9.2 percent (Organic Trade Association, 2020). The pandemic has increased the desire of people to switch over to a healthy lifestyle. The knowledge about the health benefits of organic products is rapidly increasing among the masses and soon will cover most of the markets all across the world.







Aditya Tawatia

Founder- Yoga & Health Expo