30 Jul

Enjoy delicious, nutritious, colorful and vegan ‘Sticky Tofu Salad’ by following these quick and easy steps. Cooking has never been so easy.


Tofu marinated with soy sauce and maple syrup

1 tomato sliced in wedges

Handful chopped walnuts

Mixed lettuce

A handful of green olives pitted

1/2 red and yellow capsicum

A handful of edamame beans

1  spring onion sliced for the top of salad

1/3 avocado chopped

A drizzle of vegan aioli

2 large flat mushrooms sliced

Heat pan add marinated sliced tofu brown both sides. Remove on a plate.

Add sliced mushrooms to the hot pan and cook quickly. Remove and turn the pan off.


To make your salad

Add a mixed salad to a large bowl

Assemble your salad tomatoes. Capsicums, tofu, beans, avocado, mushrooms, olives, walnuts,

Drizzle a little oil and top with sliced spring onion.

Gill Calvert