19 Jun
Your thoughts shape your reality. If you focus on the worst possible scenario that could come your way, you’ll find yourself growing anxious and irritable. But if you choose to focus on optimism and love instead, you are ten times more likely to not only enjoy the journey but also achieve success.
In a world plagued with constant negativity, it is inevitable to feel unmotivated and low. But how far can we go with the weight of these dull emotions? It is “how” we react to our mental slumps that help us navigate our way to the top.
At once we need to remind ourselves: we are worthy, we deserve kindness, and we owe it to ourselves to reach for our dreams. Meet your companions – self-compassion, and optimism. With these on your side, you are bound to reach heights.


  1. If your mind is reeling with joy and free of constant worrying, you are much more energetic to spend time on doing things that will bring you closer to your goals. That five-year plan you had jotted down could very well be achieved in just four! That is the power of positivity.
  2. When your own self is calm, positive, and warm, you will exude the same energy and be able to sustain a more stable and happier environment. With the power of compassion and positivity, you will be more creative, thoughtful, and reliable for not only your crewmates but also yourself.
  3. We become what we think. You aim for the top; your brain will wire itself to reach there. You aim for something in the middle, chances are you won’t be able to reach even there. Compassion for yourself will bring out the best in you and acquire you the ability to reach that best.

Self-compassion is all about listening to your needs and giving that to yourself. It’s about letting go of anxiety and doubts and surrendering yourself to what you enjoy and love. Many people choose to wallow in self-criticism, (and some might believe it helps keep them on their toes!), but the road ahead to success requires a great deal of knowing your own worth and how much you let yourself take space.

So, take space. Honor your needs, be positive, and cherish the power of compassion and optimism that can bring you many steps closer to success.


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