11 Jun

COVID-19 has forced us to slow down. What yogic principles advocate has now become a forced reality. It is important that we empathize with the millions in some countries that are stranded or not supported by the government. However, we can also take time to see the back handed benefits that have risen for the environment and for those who have embraced a different pace. This time can be utilized for emotional processing as trauma and fear is likely  to come to the surface to be seen and healed. We need appropriate tools so  that emotions are not suppressed or projected.

Less Is More When We Slow Down

When we savour food and eat it consciously we will find we need much less than when we unconsciously binge eat, comfort eat or eat in a rush. We prioritise quality over quantity. If we are conscious, these times can create space for our true needs rather than greed.

Slowing Down Heals The Earth And Nature

All our sources of nourishment and the elements are getting a chance to regenerate. How can water nourish us when it is polluted and depleted of prana. Living in some major cities, like Delhi, is like smoking over 10 cigarettes per day, due to the poor air quality. Beijing as well is known for its poor air quality. Thanks to satellite imagery, the impact of the virus-imposed lock down on China’s pollution levels can be seen. There has been a wonderful increase in air quality.

The Wisdom That Is Revealed By Slowing Down

Science is showing us why we need to slow down. In yoga and tantra we practice slowing down to savour the senses. This allows for beauty and wisdom to be transmitted through us. We can experience the glory and graciousness of the universe within our being.

Slow Down To Stabilize And Realign

Speed is usually glorified over stability. Align the body, emotions and mind with the cosmos for better stability and less wear and tear. Realign the chakras.

There are minor to major signs of misalignment. They can start with headaches, feeling anxious, overwhelmed and restless. There can be an underlying sense of doom, unresolved disappointments, low self esteem or not feeling enough. One can become a bully, lacking empathy or being vicious and attacking others or themselves.

The Arkaya practices that I teach help realign the vertebral column as well our subtle bodies. A misaligned vertebral column can cause many issues like back pain, respiratory problems, joint stiffness, sciatica, fatigue and hip pain. So imagine what will happen, if there is misalignment between the body, heart and head as well as with the collective.

Slow Down To Synthesize

To synthesize means to combine or put together. Like plants, during photosynthesis, we have the capacity to build things that seem much greater than their individual components. These are life giving and nurturing and feed not just our bodies, but feed our energy, mind and soul.

Slow Down To Synchronize

When there is coherence between our personal and universal fields it enables many synchronicities, where our thoughts manifest into reality. Hence it is important to slow down and be aware of the quality of our thoughts.

As we evolve and unfold we see that consciously slowing down enables us to speed up our evolution and manifest a more harmonious reality.

Yogacharini Maitreyi is the founder of Arkaya Awareness Centre. For more info about her & various online programs, go to www.arkaya.net or email infoarkaya@gmail.com.