02 Apr

Nature is the lifeline of our world. Without nature, we lose fundamental capacities for life on Earth. The existence of humanity depends on the natural world around us.  It is mandatory to boost harmony with nature to accomplish a synchronization among the economic, social, and environmental needs of current and future generations. Therefore, it is important to invest in the ethical development of the children as they are the future generation. Children are impressionable. In short, parents and teachers impose their beliefs on kids.  Meat is served to kids as the most delicious item on the planet leaving all other diets useless and tasteless. It is a basic fundamental right of every human being to have the right to know where their food is coming from. Kids should be given the authority to choose themselves after seeing the cruelty, torture, anguish, scream, and abuse going on inside the slaughterhouses. Shed the walls of slaughterhouses, and let the kids decide to go with the meat diet or not.

Humans have the intelligence and the power to think. They have given the opportunity, more than non-human species, to make changes and ethically beautify the world. Children are the future generation. They should know and choose themselves that what is right and what is wrong for them. Uncover and reveal the horrific abuse and maltreatment that the meat industries perpetrate on animals to provide consumers with sandwiches, burgers, nuggets, etc. Billions of animals are killed and tortured every year to feed us. They are cramped in filthy and dingy conditions before they get slaughtered and served on our plates. Children should be made aware of these facts which are going all around the world, and let them make their own food choice. In International Yoga & Health Expo, we promote the values of veganism and vegetarianism. We are fighting against animal cruelty by spreading awareness among the masses. In our virtual event scheduled on 20th June 2021 from 11 am (PST) onwards, vegan influencers and celebrities from all across the world are joining to shed the light on this matter.



Aditya Tawatia

Founder- Yoga & Health Expo