12 Aug
The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry recently announced a ban on the production and sale of vegan cheese alternatives that look like traditional dairy cheese. The legislation claims that calling dairy alternatives “cheese” will mislead shoppers.

Stating that “products that give the impression of cheese cannot be produced using vegetable oil or other food ingredients,” plant-based companies in Turkey will have to face fines and legal action unless all production and sales have been put to a halt.

This makes Turkey one of the least vegan-friendly countries in the world today.

In response, the Vegan Association of Turkey (TVD) has met this ban with an immediate lawsuit claiming this “violates the right of access to food of all consumers who have adopted a vegan lifestyle.” The association has also launched a petition through Change.org, aiming to collect public support.

With rising demands for dairy alternatives in markets all across the world, many countries, such as France and America, have already begun to halt the prominence of vegan alternatives in several states. This poses a direct violation to the independent lifestyle choices of consumers who prefer to go vegan.



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