01 Nov

Veganism is a new lifestyle. It is not merely a saying but an upcoming reality. Considering every sentient being equal is the need of the hour. The two most significant reasons to go vegan are morality and ethics. Every life is important. Other than that, going vegan can prove exceptionally beneficial nutritiously. A number of studies have proved that veganism can be boon for health, if followed properly. Veganism is a very new concept, not more than 100 years old. People are recognizing the importance and question the old belief system where animals were considered inferior. Therefore, veganism is all about morals, ethics, health and the environment.

A cruelty-free lifestyle is the most morally and ethically advanced form of lifestyle. The inner desire to treat every living being equally is bliss. Around 3 billion animals are killed every day for the meat industry in slaughterhouses. An expected 2.7 billion wild fish are killed for food every day (Zampa, 2018). The number is painfully huge. Around, quarter a million chickens are killed every day in the United States (Zampa, 2018). Around 4 million pigs and 11 million ducks are slaughtered every day in the world food industry (Zampa, 2018). The list goes on. This shows that people need to have more compassion and the only means to change the current situation is to go vegan.













Many people have adapted veganism nowadays to improve their health. It is useful in a number of ways. Firstly, it enhances the metabolism. The digestion of individuals who follow a plant-based diet consumes calories 16% quicker on normal than the digestion of meat-eaters for the first few hours after suppers. Research has demonstrated individuals on a plant-based diet will in general have more beneficial gut microbiomes, or the assortment of good microscopic organisms that live in the digestive tract (Landsverk, 2019). Hence, it improves digestion. The analysts found that the individuals who didn’t eat meat had 10 fewer instances of heart illness and three additional strokes for every 1,000 people contrasted and the meat-eaters (Brown, 2020). Additionally, it is also good for skin and blood pressure.

A lot of giant corporations from all over the world are adopting the ethical approach to spread awareness about veganism among the masses. Coffee monster Starbucks is currently trying vegetarian cashew milk cream cheddar from Miyoko’s Creamery in one area in Issaquah, Washington only east o

f Seattle (Bowie, 2020). For Nestlé, 10% of its innovative work representatives are presently committed exclusively to the advancement of plant-based items (Axworthy, 2020). Unilever has financed $94 million for coming out wit

h new ideas for meat and dairy options (Axworthy, 2020).

By adopting a plant-based diet, people will not only have mercy on animals but also protect and save our mother earth. The animal farm industry exploits the environment a lot. It causes deforestation, animal extinction, land pollution, water contamination, and emission of greenhouse gas. It uses more than 90 % of the earth’s water supply. Study shows that one person changing into vegan can spare more than 200,000 gallons of water a year (Williams, 2020). Secondly, animal agriculture depletes the fertile soil causing deforestation. The significant levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and other GHG delivered by animal farms produce over 14% of worldwide discharges, more than transportation emission (Williams, 2020). This shows that if we want to make the world a better place we need to make a change in our belief system. The only option is to go vegan and spread awareness to be compassionate and live a cruelty-free life.







Mr. Aditya Tawatia

Founder of Yoga & Health Expo