25 Jun
I am challenging the ‘status quo’ of typical and generic businesses and the way they operate by building a ‘People before Profits’ business model. My teachings revolve around creating brands that last forever.”
By Shane Jeremy James

As Founder and CEO of Actions Of Compassion. I had a vision of the exact type of company I wanted to build. I envisioned a global company that was able to enrich the lives of its employees, customers, partners, the less fortunate and whomever it came in contact with. This is when I decided to turn the Actions Of Compassion movement into a brand.

My journey started very early in life. As a youth, I would ask for a subscription to ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ for my birthday and my deep level of passion for business has continued to this day.

As the years progressed, I continued to sharpen my ability and mindset and gained an advanced mindset over the years by reading over 700 books plus achieving certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As part of my continued business growth, I was then provided an opportunity to travel and work with original Shark Tank TV Show and inventor of the infomercial, Kevin Harrington. I played an integral part in helping build Kevin’s personal brand, consulted in the business and gained shares in some of their companies.

Eager to create real world change, I reached out to my Twitter followers declaring this intention to build a compassion movement by simply asking if anyone wanted to help. The immediate support was amazing with the majority of the replies saying: “Let’s do it!”. I knew that focusing on helping others to make a better world would produce results, but I had no idea how large of a movement he was creating.

By combining my knowledge of over 700 books, certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, execution of compassionate acts and business development and operations the AOC brand is able to focus on a variety of different paths. We focus on making people better so that they will make the world better.


At Actions of Compassion, our mission is to influence compassionate acts and change the way businesses are built around the globe. We champion a ‘People before Profits’ culture into a business model. The entire compassion brand is built around systems and processes in order to achieve operational excellence. Our purpose is to create and support people and companies that only do good in the world.

Compassion for me comes from not only acts of kindness towards other people, but also our environment. We can do good by being good, and I realize how important it is to be just as kind to our nature. Yoga & Health Expo is a dedicated platform that talks about veganism, plant-based and organic lifestyle that continues to showcase this need to help the environment and I’m ecstatic to be able to extend my acts of compassion for the world with them.

From encouraging kind actions at The Compassion Kingdom, helping you gain complete control of your mind and future with the Live Your T-shirt (LYT) challenge to helping you get into the elite 3% of businesses that succeed with ‘Humanize Your Business Program’, Acts of Compassion aims to redefine being compassionate.


Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Yoga Health Expo 2022 will be a one-day festival celebrating the joys of good well-being through a holistic approach to the Yogic way of life including Yoga, Veganism, and Vegetarianism in our lifestyle. The celebration shall welcome famous yoga teachers Vancouver, interactive yoga classes Vancouver and a platform for vegan products and vegan food Vancouver.

 For more information on our upcoming International Yoga Festival & Health Expo, please visit: https://yogahealthexpo.com/.

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