02 Mar

Yoga practice dates back over 5000 years when it was used as a form of spiritual practice to help achieve a union between the body and mind. However, over time, Yoga has been adopted by millions of people of all ages and cultures and adapted to fit their individual needs and beliefs while its popularity continues to grow swiftly.

Despite having ancient roots, Yoga and meditation have recently gained popularity in the West as people look for ways to cope with stress, improve their physical and mental health, and even extend their lives. However, many might be wary of Yoga being the factor behind increasing a person’s lifespan. 

The question then becomes: Is it worthwhile for you to adopt this practice?

Let’s move ahead to get an answer.

Can Someone Get Longevity From Mat?

People typically think that aging starts showing its impacts from the early to mid-30s, and this is when different diseases start knocking at the door of your health. 

Stress is the one thing that has brought everyone, regardless of their age, under its umbrella. And this becomes the welcoming factor for other potential threat factors to detriment your health. For example, many chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and dementia are known to be triggered by stress and anxiety. 

Although, it is crucial to mention that there is some evidence that Yoga promotes longevity. 

Practicing Yoga and meditation is paramount to improving the quality of life while increasing longevity. People who practice yoga and meditation report feeling more relaxed and happier, which leads to effective coping with life’s stresses.

In addition, practicing mindfulness yoga helps people become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, leading to better decision-making and healthier lifestyle choices. 

Practicing Yoga and meditation for your health and wellness is crucial to maintain and creating a fulfilling life. It can help people live longer and healthier lives. However, it may not be a miracle cure for longevity.

Overall, regular practice of Yoga helps reduce stress levels and the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke and improves physical fitness. There is also evidence that the practice helps boost the immune system, which is essential for warding off diseases and beneficial for overall health. 

Why Should You Practice Yoga? For Living Longer or Living Better?

Yoga is a great way to ensure both a longer and better life. However, living longer or living better is a choice everyone must make. Though there is no right or wrong answer, the intention differs from a thinking perspective. 

Living longer may be beneficial; however, it is important too not to overlook the quality aspect of life. Yoga improves overall physical health and takes flexibility and strength to newer levels.

This ensures that the individual can remain active and fit throughout their life. Furthermore, living better, on the other hand, promote a healthier lifestyle, which can lead to a longer life.

So, ultimately, the decision to live longer or better is up to the individual. However, it isn’t easy to consider the two separately as both are totally intertwined. Therefore, it is crucial to consider living longer and living better when choosing Yoga as a lifestyle. 

How does Yoga help Improve Life Span?

Whether you have been practicing Yoga for a while now or have just started yet, one thing to be assured of is that this practice can do wonders for you. This is because the ancient exercise not only improves lifespan but also flourishes mindfulness, and relaxation, which all contribute to a quality life. 

So, it is worth giving a shot considering the benefits of Yoga.

1. Improves Physical and Mental Health

Yoga helps improve physical health by preventing various diseases. It improves flexibility, balance, and strength and reduces the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. 

In addition, Yoga helps reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, lowering the risk of developing mental health issues while improving focus, concentration, and overall clarity. This enhances decision-making and problem-solving skills, which lets you reap the benefits of overall well-being. 

2. Strengthen the Immune System

Yoga boosts the immune system by reducing stress levels, which is an essential factor behind the improved life span. Regular yoga practice lowers the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone associated with weakened immunity. Additionally, Yoga also helps to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, allowing the body to absorb better nutrients needed for a robust immune system.

Finally, Yoga helps to improve sleep patterns, which is essential in allowing the body to rest and recover and helps keep the immune system functioning correctly. 

3. Promotes Healthy Living and Self-Care

The most significant aspect of practicing Yoga, perhaps, would be its ability to encourage self-care and a healthy lifestyle. Through poses and breathing exercises, Yoga strengthens the body, improves balance and flexibility, and promotes relaxation while keeping negative thoughts and feelings at bay. Additionally, Yoga reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, which supports a more positive outlook on life. 

4. Increases Endurance

Yoga is a great way to increase your body’s endurance. Weekly practices improve overall endurance by enhancing balance and core strength, which make your body more efficient and reduce fatigue. The more frequently you practice, the more adept you become at handling challenging positions or gaining stamina. A significant advantage of persistent, regular yoga practice is longevity, accompanied by increased health and physical strength. 

5. Reverses the Aging Process

Yoga is an ancient practice used for centuries as a powerful anti-aging tool. It is a form of exercise that promotes fitness and health while providing several benefits that can help you fight the effects of aging. T he practice prevents several aging-related conditions by alleviating stress and inflammation levels. Improved mental clarity and focus reduce the impact of cognitive decline accompanying aging. 

Yoga is an overall package that comes with some great benefits. It promotes healthy living, which is closely related and a measure of life expectancy. Remember that you are only “one step to take on the mat” away from improving the quality and length of your life.